How to Choose Free Data Recovery Software

Most people want to opt for some free data recovery software. There are primarily three kinds of data recovery software. There are free data recovery software, paid software and software which have to be purchased but there are trial versions to test the software out.



You may want to use the trial facility of some data recovery software but you may not want to buy it. If you wish to use some free data recovery software then you must choose the best. Paid software will always have more features than free data recovery software, which is precisely why you need to be more cautious while choosing the freebie.

  • What are the capabilities of the free data recovery software that you are considering? This should be the first checkpoint. Ideally, the best free data recovery software should be able to recover or restore all your lost data. It should be capable of hard disk recovery as well, if there are any problems with the hard disk. The best data recovery software should also allow you to search for your files at restore points and you can create backups as well using the same software. The software should also facilitate burning of DVDs and creating portable backups from within its user interface.
  • Some free data recovery software will not be able to restore deleted files. If you need to recover deleted files, then you need to look for some software that can do this. Usually, the free data recovery software will be able to restore files that are in the hard drive, which you are unable to access because of a corrupt disk, operating system problems or due to virus issues. If you have deleted some files and they are not stored or present in your hard disks anymore, then some data recovery software may not be able to restore them. Not always would you need your deleted files. You may just need the files present in your hard disk but there can be situations when some files get deleted by mistake or due to some errors in the operating system or in the drives. In such scenarios, you need some disk recovery software or some data recovery software that can help you to recover deleted files.

Your choice of free data recovery software will determine if you can have all your data back and if you cannot do so, then you should hire professional data recovery services.

Recovering Data That Has Been Lost

Recovering data that is normally lost either by deliberate or accidental deleting of files, file corruption, file system format or physical damage on the hard drive. Any deleted file in a hard drive is not actually deleted. It still remains in the hard drive until is over written by more recently stored files. Data recovery software for deleted data look for unique signature of the deleted files and their immediate storage location in the hard disk. It is important to note that different windows storage system naturally retain or remove these signatures making the data recovery process easy or hard.

Recovering data that has been lost

Recovering data that has been lost

Recovering data that has been lost through a corrupted file is generally dependent on the level of the corruption and what specific system has been corrupted. If it is the operating system that has been corrupted installing or mounting the hard disk in another machine will allow access to the files. Another reason for a corrupt file error is a corrupted partition table. Using the right software, you can correctly repair the table and access the data. Even if the table may not be repaired fully, as long as the software can find any part of the data, it will recover it.

Recovering data after a file system format is highly dependent on what is the new file system installed. Different filling system delete data differently when formatted. NTFS filling system generally make it easier to access previous stored data when formatted while formatting with FAT filling system will result in large data amounts being lost. Damaged file system data recovery is sorely dependent on the available file allocation information to the recovery software. The more the information, the more data amount will be recovered.

Data recovery on a physically damaged drives

Data recovery on a physically damaged

Data recovery on a physically damaged hard drive is by either replacing the damaged part or component like the hard drive head or controller board or by taking apart the hard disk. Dismantling of a hard disk must be done in a highly sterilized room to minimize on incidental damage while repairing.

Data recovery is a highly sensitive operation that demands professional training and the correct recovery software. Therefore data recovery must be left to the professionals.